christmas trees

I think they pick up the garbage

On Fridays

Because by Wednesday 

Bloated, bulging bags line the street. 

By Thursday, the sidewalks are decreased

To one-way traffic 

Made narrow by towers of it. 

But by Friday, 

They’re relieved. 

This week, 

Christmas trees join the junk on the curb 

Dying and laid on their sides 

Sucked dry of joy and life. 

Merry lights have long faded 

And baubles are back 

Packed in their styrofoam beds. 

No matter the day, 

Discarded pieces of homes 

Line the street

Clog the curb. 

Items made into trash 

By time.

Maybe a 20-year-old transplant will

Pick these memories up

Refurbish them 

And say, 

“Great find, right? 

I got it off the curb.”